Connor (2)

TDR97's true appearance


  • He is insane
  • He is Irish-German-Polish-English-Scottish
  • His closest friends are Fossy, Goth, RBH, Tpffan, Nan, and Phinabella Rules! (he feels great remorse for making her leave)
  • His favorite shows are The Amazing Race (Nick & Starr 4ever), Survivor, Wipeout, Total Drama (obviously, PnF, and A:TLA
  • He hates when people have no sympathy because he thinks that means they dont care

Shows I LikeEdit

Amazing Race, Survivor, Good Luck Charlie, iCarly, True Jackson, Wizards of Waverly Place, Drake & Josh, Suite life, Phineas and Ferb, ANT Farm, A:TLA, I'm In The Band, Shake It Up, and Wipeout