Dear Diary, Today I was visiting Nicole and we decided to go shopping. We went to Danvilles only goth store. It was alright, very dark in there. There was these amazing pair of boots and the last pair they had was my size. I was sooo happy. The store was seriously running out of stuff. I saw this amazing necklace but this girl took it before I could. I talked to her for a few minuites trying to convince her to let me have it. She did but only in exchange for the boots. We started talking for a few minuites and it turns out we have a lot in common. We left the store together and then it happened. I totally bumped into this guy dressed up as a clown. He was so creepy! I honestly didnt mean to, but I screamed and fell down. It turns out he was Vanessas dad. She yelled at him for a minuite which was pretty funny. It seemed like he was in a hurry. Just when he was explaining it the top apartment of the great big purple apartment building exploded. This must happen a lot here because I seemed to be the only one worried that it exploded. Then, and this sounds crazy but I swear it happened, this duck-beaver looking thing fell from the sky then out of nowhere it pulled out a parachute with its face on it. I guess thats not weird at all here because no one said anything about it. The clown started running to the explosion and was screaming about cursing someone. These people from Danville are nuts, but I kinda like it. Well except for the clowns. Thats pretty much it as far as the highlights of my day go. If my first day here was exciting I can only imagiene what the rest of my week will hold. Nichole wants to introduce me to her friends tomorrow so that will be intresting.

This is Olivia signing out!