Wat up my fellow PnF fans???
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Phinia and Fern

I'm Girl U. Dontno . I usually keep a lot of my personal likes and dislikes to myself [that would explain the username] but for this Wiki, I'll make an exception.

I am the creator of the Phineas and Ferb Ships Wiki

Random Stuff you Don't Need to Know about MeEdit

  • I was a PnF fan since the episode "Get that Bigfoot Outta my Face"
  • I once stole a pencil eraser off the teacher's desk and got scolded
  • I won a drawing contest with my picture of a ginger bread man
  • My favorite color is orange because it represents me perfectly
  • As of 2009, when drawing, I decided to become an impressionist because I sucked at detail
  • I have 4 meals a day: Morning, Afternoon, Night, and Midnight
  • I want to be a Writer when I'm older
  • Drama makes me jittery
  • My favorite genres are Adventure, Romance, and Comedy
  • My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving
  • My least favorite holiday is Halloween [I hate horror, remember!]
  • I write reviews of TV shows, often ones with clear Ho Yay vulnerable
  • I love the way anime looks
  • My most hated stereotype is: "Kids are evil"
  • I had my first kiss in Kindergarten
  • I have a friend who's 10 and she has a boyfriend
  • My older sister is a bratty ballet dancer
  • I have a account
  • Micky Mouse annoys me
  • My mom named me after the cartoon "Josie and the Pussycats"
  • I call Cartoon Network "Kids' Adult Swim"
  • I love disturbing things
  • The one show I will never grow out of: Pokemon

Wiki's I Contribute ToEdit

  • Phineas and Ferb Wiki
  • iCarly Wiki

Pairings I SupportEdit

  1. BaljeetxBuford
  2. BaljeetxFerb
  3. CandacexStacy
  4. Ferbella
  5. Phinbella

Pairings I DO NOT SupportEdit

  1. BaljeetxWendy
  2. BaljeetxGinger
  3. AdysonxBuford
  4. PhineasxFerb
  5. Ferbnessa

My Favorite VideosEdit


Music Vids:Edit

Note: Play all of these at once for massive headache time!

A quote from meEdit

"'Geeky' is another word for 'Awesome' and you know it!" - Girl U. Dontno 02:33, January 7, 2011 (UTC)